All Nodust products are treated with natural ingredients, they are eco friendly and do not contain any chemicals. The treatment is suitable for everyone, from crawling babies to adults. The fragrance used in our products is a natural lemongrass extract and is usually well tolerated. For extremely sensitive cases odorless products are available upon request.

You can postpone anytime by calling our customer service center, we will arrange a delivery on the following week or on our next designated day.  An additional rental fee will be added to the monthly rent for this service.

You may add any extra items to your existing contract by calling our Customer Service center. We will update your contract details and deliver the additional item on your next delivery date.

You may cancel any items at any time, our Customer Service staff will be happy to assist you in this procedure.

Our treatment procedure is carried out under strict supervision and has specific doses that cannot be altered. However, if you would like to check if the product is dry place it on a newspaper for a few minutes, if you find stains on the paper your product is not dry. Remember to always place the product back in its plastic covering to preserve its effectiveness.
We do not recommend excess or over treated items as they may cause the floor to stain, be slippery and attract more dust to its surface.
Our treatment procedure is carried out under strict supervision and has specific doses that cannot be altered. Always remember to replace you product back into the plastic covering in order to preserve its effectiveness.
After four weeks of use the active treatment loses its efficiency and will not give you the best result that you expect from our products. Please remember that any delays will result in an additional rental fee.

As much as we would like to deliver the products on your preferred time, unfortunately we are unable to always do so. Our contracts are divided into areas that enable us to cover all of our client’s requirements; each area has an allocated day during the week, except Fridays. However, you can request the name and number of the delivery representative to contact and arrange with him directly

Kindly call our Customer Service center at least two days prior to your departure, we will arrange to send a representative to collect your products until your safe return, doing so will save you unnecessary payment of delayed rental fees.

Yes, you have the choice to pay every 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. If you pay for 12 months in advance you will enjoy a gift of two dust cloths in addition to one free change.

You can cancel at any time and we will arrange to pick up the products and issue you with a refund.

A delayed fee is not considered a penalty, the Nodust concept is based on a rental policy formulated by our head office in Greece. Although we do give exceptions under certain conditions we are still committed to pay this fee to our head office.

You may leave the payment of your products with your security staff or porter.We will deliver the goods to them and when you are available the delivery representative will demonstrate to you how to use the products & obtain your signature on the contract.

Nodust is not responsible if any item is lost or damaged as it is upon the client’s request and responsibility to leave items with them.
We try to be as flexible as possible in helping you to find a solution. You can leave products with the people you trust such as your neighbor, porter, security staff, or even your local supermarket or dry cleaner.

The full value of the product must be paid under the following circumstances:
1. If the product is burnt.
2. If Chlorox or any acid has been spilt on it
3. If the product is torn.
4. If the product is lost.
5. If the product gets wet or has been dry-cleaned.


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